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ICE Totally Gaming 2017

chất lượng tốt Máy in vé Kiosk giảm giá
chất lượng tốt Máy in vé Kiosk giảm giá
"MASUNG" will be china "CUSTOM" in receipt priner industry !

—— Mr Naim Rahmatulloev

I've test your printer and it's perfect.

—— Arnaud Marchal

It was great to see the printer working with all three cpu boards. Your team is doing a great job.

—— John Patrick

We tested and it work perfectly. It appears that the printer works well with all three versions of cpu of board.

—— Joseph Lim

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ICE Totally Gaming 2017
ICE Totally Gaming 2017

ICE 2017 runs from February 7th until February 9th 2017 and is being held at the Excel Centre in London. ICE combines over 5,000+ games from 50+ gaming vendors and is available to multi-channel operators via a single API integration.At ICE Totally Gaming, manufacturers, inventors, creators and service providers in the industry showcase their latest and most innovative products to these leading buyers.

ICE Totally Gaming 2017

As a international leading hi-tech innovative enterprise ,MASUNG also participated in ICE by UK agent .The receipt printers include EP800-TM ,EP800-TMP ,EP802-TMP,MS-FPT301.High quality and performance products have won unanim ous applause from the visitors .Let’s congratulate that we got complete success at ICE .


ICE Totally Gaming 2017

Meanwhile ,wish MASUNG will achieve a qualitative leap, to create first-class brands and products in 2017 .

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